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Gateway Secretarial

At Gateway Secretarial, we provide timely transcription service without compromising quality of your transcripts.

Our company provides clients with high quality transcription services. That quality means more than just transcribing your audio into a professional, accurate transcript. We believe in earning the right to serve you through an outstanding experience from initial inquiry to final transcript delivery.

Our top priority is to provide you with confidential and accurate transcription. With over 35 years' experience providing transcription services, we are experts in quality. Try us and we’ll show you why our clients keep coming back.



Gateway Secretarial has been serving Sacramento for over 35 years


What to Expect:

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Quality Service

  • Competitive Rates

  • Rush Service Available

  • Email Delivery Available


* Legal Proceedings* Teleconferences* Interviews*

*Public Meetings* Interrogations* Meetings* Hearings* *Public Hearings* Arbitrations* And more*

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